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4 SEO Recommendations For Long Tail Keywords

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Search Engine Optimization became an Industry in Today's World! 
Many Small business struggling to maintain their online presence. Everyone wants to get high Search engine rankings to get more traffic and Sales. 

we have Noticed that Trends of E-commerce are drastically changed in past few years, while Getting High Search engine Rankings for Most Competitive Terms is Primary goal of every website now. We Evaluate SEO Performance by Overall Search Traffic on our Primary Keywords and the secondary Keywords. Few People argue Performance or success is determined by ROI, conversions and the revenue, but there is many factors that play their role in low Conversions Graph you usually see in your Google Analytics, major factors are ( Website Performance, Price Competition, Website/page design, and user-experience etc.). 

I wanna share an interesting Fact with you, I have Worked on many Clients and Companies. I have Seen that More than 60% Search Traffic comes from Long Tail Keywords Instead of your desired keywords (Primary Keywords). I am not telling you to remove your Primary Keywords neither Avoid Struggle, but i will recommend you to Focus on Long tail terms for your website.

1. Analyze Your Keywords

Using Google analytics and Other Free Web tools will help you to find mutual Keywords, and long tail patterns your visitors use to reach you! 


For example, if you sell Clothing,

and you find that there is some search traffic around "Men Clothing", So its good opportunity to optimize your website for this keyword and all the other mutual like "Women clothing" and "youth Clothing" you would also optimize around all of the other related stuff that you sell. It may warrant creating a page about “Men's and Women's Clothing” if you have the inventory to support that kind of a page.

Sometime we find that we are receiving good traffic from unwanted terms like you have an online shopping website and you are targeting for fashion apparel but you are receiving good Traffic and Conversion on Online Watches for men or Online Beauty Store and Buy Wallets onlineSo be clever and optimize your next pages with keeping these terms in mind or add This Collection to your site if possible! 


2. Create User-Friendly, Descriptive Page Titles

Yes its true that only first 65 characters will be visible in Search engines, But what to do when you just left your secondary keywords because of these limitations ? 

let me define! Be White Hate, Simply create new pages and maintain them according to relevant content and stuff! Just Extend more and more but never choose black hat techniques.  

As long as the page titles read well and provide appropriate and relevant information, they are useful for both users and Search engines. Play safely with long tail! Use gently e.g use your long tail keywords only once in page titles, Ensure that your users are able to read your titles easily. I use the same method and I have never been flagged as Black hat or in Google Webmaster Tools for having too long page title. 

Here are some more tips on how to deal with Titles and other SEO Problems

3. Internal Link Your Pages using Keyword Variations!

Long tail keyword needs to be exist in the page that you want to be ranked well for the targeted keyword. Additional, Interlink your pages to each other on mutual terms! But never Point your visitors to irrelevant pages by using wrong ( irrelevant anchor texts).

Interlinking is very good practice if you don't apply black hat techniques. Linking your pages to each other with relevant information is good way to provide Good User-Experience
Use your desired long tail keyword variations in Anchor Texts ! 

4.  Let Your User Write 

There is many ways to provide your users to ability to write something and getting user-generated content like Comments and Reviews. Users Usually include Long Tail variations on your pages as they make relevant comments and reviews.

User-generated content can be an amazing source of long tail keywords includingcolor variations, model numbers, Style Code, Software Specifications, or problem issues. And it helps to distinguish your content and makes it more valuable to users and Search engines.


These are some tactics i use to increase my traffic using long tail keywords. Hopefully you will apply these White Hat SEO Techniques and get more Search Engine traffic and sales.

These are some of the tactics that can help you successfully target long tail traffic. Hopefully they provide you with some actionable recommendations that will help you increase the amount of total targeted, organic search traffic to your projects.

Always Monitor Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools ūüėČ  

Muhammad Rameez ul Haq ( SEO Specialist )
Freelance SEO – Hire Rameez for SEO Services

How to Find Out Data Behind Not Provided Keywords in Google Analytics

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In the keyword column you will find ‘not provided’ for all users logged in to Google.

keywords that Google doesn't show in Google Analytics

How to find out what logged in users are looking for?
Even though it’s impossible to find out the exact keywords for ‘not provided’ queries, you can still get data about which landing page they went to. Simply choose a secondary dimension from the drop down menu and you will get information about which sub-page they visited.

how to check not provided data in Google analytics

By knowing the sub-page, you can easily gather more information about the most common keywords for these pages. So after all, it’s not such a big loss for webmasters with the newnot provided keyword data. The only difference is you need to work a little more to get the information.


15 Core SEO Tips and Techniques by M.Rameez

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Do you want your website to get ahead of the search engine rankings??

You answer YES OF-COURSE but how to get¬†best Ranking Positions¬†in¬†Search Engine Result Pages¬†(¬†SERP’s).

 seo tips

Here i Compiled the Basic Rules of Search engine Optimization and¬†Core SEO Techniques¬†that can help you in getting Better¬†Rankings in SERP’s¬†and¬†ROI¬†(Return on Investment) as well.


1-¬†You may aware of this phrase “Content is King in SEO“. Yes this is right! Create Quality Contents instead of Copying Contents. Search Engines specially google hates Duplicate Contents even if you have duplicate content on your own site.

2- Focus on Quality instead of Quantity believe me you will get your desired rankings if you follow Search engine optimization rules, avoid getting Back links from bad guys or Irrelevant sources.

-3: Design your website to give a good user experience not just for Search engine bolts.
-4: It’s good to Focus Google First while Creating Your Website But don’t ignore other Search Engines like Bing!

-5: Don’t Stop your work after getting good rankings, As Your Competitors don’t want to see you on on top ūüėČ

-6: Unfortunately we missed that time when we were able to cheat search engines to¬†get top rankings¬†haha ūüėÄ – Search engines became much efficient, now avoid attempting to Cheat with them!

-7: Don’t Ignore¬†Social Media Website’s¬†value, Include¬†Social Media Optimization and¬†Social Media Marketing¬†in your online Marketing Campaigns.

-8: Get Links from Good authoritative websites or blogs. РGetting links from good websites will help you in getting good pagerank!

-9: Build Internal links and use Most Descriptive anchor texts.

-10: Submit Your Website in Google Places to drive local web traffic to your website.

-11: Optimize Your website for Mobile phones so user can easily navigate your website using mobile devices.

-12: As I already wrote above use/write your own content, or If  you are copying content from some other sources so must provide the source details!

-13: Don’t Forget to use Header tags when providing Headings, – don’t use more than 4 header tags !

-14: Use Google’s Webmaster Tools to monitor your efforts and Rankings.
-15: Use Webmaster tools to check and fix broken links and other errors on daily basis if possible.