Expert. Reliable and Student Focused Google AdWords PPC Training in Karachi!

As a leading SEO and digital marketing agency in Pakistan, we are offering aspiring marketers certified and professional Google AdWords PPC training in Karachi.

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Students can also enroll in social media marketing and SEO Training with this batch.

M. Rameez Ul Haq Consultancy firm started as a small entrepreneurial business offering digital marketing services in Pakistan. We are proudly one of the very few pioneers that set the foundation of digital marketing, SEO and Google AdWords in Pakistan. Today, we are one of the most prominent and internationally recognized SEO and digital marketing agency and trainers in the country with hundreds of successful national and international projects in our portfolio.

Google AdWords PPC Training Karachi!

The world of marketing has moved mountains in the last decade. Today, digital marketing forms the foundation of success for all businesses. Google AdWords and PPC are two of the most prominent and result-driven digital marketing strategies that help businesses establish their dominance in a hostile online business environment.

This course is acutely tailored to help aspiring marketers master the tricks and details of the trade using real-world business needs. The course gives a 360-degree exposure to learners, exposing them to every bit and tricks of Pay per Click and Google AdWords. At the completion of the course, you will be able to expertly strategize, initiate and execute a successful PPC and Google AdWords campaign using all available resources. The structure of the course is designed by our master trainers with a decade of experience in the industry and hundreds of successful project portfolio; thus enabling you to learn practical skills of the trade and get you to job ready.

Get Enrolled in the Practical Google AdWords PPC Training Course in Karachi!

Digital marketing including Google AdWords and PPC are purely analytical and practical trades which needs real-world training to master. That’s the reason our Google AdWords and PPC training course is designed with real business examples that will get you started on your path towards a shining and high potential career in the industry.

What you’ll learn?

At the end of the course, you will have professional skills at:

  • Understanding the core concepts and workflow of bidding auction
  • Generate campaigns with a complete understanding of keywords matches
  • Copywriting and implementation
  • Using Google Conversion Pixel to create basic tracking
  • Generate interactive and detailing reports
  • Setting up optimization techniques to produce desired campaign outcomes
  • Keywords mining
  • Bid adjustments

Why you need this course?

Google AdWords and PPC professionals are in high demand with a lot of growth opportunities within Pakistan as well as internationally. This dedicated Google AdWords PPC training course is specifically designed to help aspiring marketers learn the key skills of the trade that will give them a head start for career growth. Moreover, businessmen can also register for the course to be able to better understand their business needs and squeeze better marketing results for the business.

Get Google AdWords Certification!

As a leading PPC training institute in Pakistan, we are offering a complete guarantee for professional Google AdWords certification for enrollees. Our course content is designed to get you through the Google AdWords certification requirements, while we also offer any additional support you may need to get qualified officially.