Social Media Training in Karachi

Starting with upcoming Training on February 22, 2020

Duration: 1.5 Months (6 Weeks)

Fees: 20,000 12,000 (40% Discount) – You can pay in two parts.

Call/WhatsApp: 0303-3444825

enroll in digital marketing course in karachi

Are you interested in making a career in digital marketing? Are you looking to boost your monthly income with some quick paying skills? Are you looking for a home-based work that can give you sufficient monthly income?

Well, guess you are in luck today!

Muhammad Rameez Ul Haq brings you the most detailed and complete SMM course in Karachi which includes:

  • Introduction to Social Media Websites
  • Detailed Competitive Analysis – (How other businesses are successful?)
  • Understanding and Identifying Right Audience
  • Facebook Organic and Paid Marketing (Spend real dollars)
  • Instragram Organic and Paid Marketing
  • Twitter Organic and Paid Marketing
  • Linkedin Marketing – Lead Generation and B2B Marketing
  • Youtube Channel – Promotion, Subscribers and Monetization
  • Quora Marketing.
  • Pinterest Marketing.
  • Viral Marketing Through Facebook.
  • Social Media Performance Monitoring Through Google Analytic

social media marketing training course ebookJoin the most comprehensive Social Media Training Course in Karachi

Rameez Ul Haq is a leading digital marketing expert and trainer in Pakistan with international SEO experience, with over a decade of experience in digital marketing and social media marketing and training courses.

This latest training course is designed to help beginners master the art of social media marketing including managing and running Facebook pages, Facebook Campaigns, Twitter marketing strategies and YouTube Channel marketing to increase brand awareness and traffic. The course takes on a stepwise approach to help beginners gradually learn killer social media marketing strategies that will help them earn big money working as full-time professionals or as freelancers.

This social media marketing training course is also ideally suited to females who wants to works and earn income from home. The course will help them learn crucial strategies of the trade which they can demonstrate to get home-based work and start a decent revenue stream while working from home.

Why Join Social Media Training Course in Karachi?

According to statistics, digital marketing skills are one of the most hired skills in leading freelance websites including Fiverr and Upwork and Pakistan are the 4th largest outsource destinations for businesses around the world. Digital marketing including social media marketing, SEO, and Facebook marketing are all in the top 10 outsourced works to Pakistani freelancers.

This means that there are endless work opportunities for Pakistani social media marketing professionals in the national and international market. We will help you learn the secrets of the trade that will facilitate you in accessing better pay opportunities by demonstrating expertise in the field.

On completion of the course, you will have sufficient knowledge and command over all major social media marketing channel to start your professional or freelance career in the industry. You can earn anywhere between PKR 30,000 to PKR 200,000/Month depending upon the time you are willing to invest in the field, while you’ll also have a chance to start your own social media marketing business – a multi-million dollar industry with loads of opportunities to explore.

Social Media Career Path

  1. Social Media Marketing Trainee
  2. Social Media Marketing Executive
  3. Social Media Marketing / Digital Marketing Expert / SMM Team lead
  4. Manager Social Media organic and paid
  5. Head of Social and Digital Marketing

Opportunity to Work On Live Projects and Spend Dollars on Advertisement Campaigns

We provide students an opportunity to work on live projects and spend dollars on social media marketing campaigns on Facebook and other platforms so that our students see how exactly a campaign is being build and executed in real scenarios and get the confidence they need to work on their jobs or with clients.


Learn about Trainer.

The lead trainer for the course is Mr. Muhammad Rameez Ul Haq former SEO Lead at (Largest online shopping Website in Pakistan) and Former SEO Consultant & Trainer to Singapore’s Leading Digital Marketing Agency Top3Media.

Rameez is one of the very few leading digital marketing expert with international working experience. He has been conducting national and international training sessions over different tools and techniques of the industry and has immense command over the trade.

Rameez has also helped some very influential and successful eCommerce businesses and start-ups of Pakistani origin to grow and succeed in a competitive market. Some of his famous past clients include,,, Mygerrys, and, and and now running his own digital marketing agency and serving multiple clients all around the world also active Director Digital Marketing at Canadian Startup Abudo World’s first patient education website.